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We pride ourselves on creating content that will entertain, educate and excite. Not only do we produce our own original titles, but we can offer creative solutions to customers and companies.

INNOTEG is made of artists, developers and staff with years of experience in the gaming world. Our team of 10 has worked with 2K Games, Ubisoft, Nintendo Wii, 3Ds, GameCubes and with titles like TopSpin, Rayman, Splinter Cell and Bioshock 2.


Our speciality lies in the creative merger of Eastern and Western cultures and the drive to deliver quality and original content to both hemispheres. 

Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike to roguelite dungeon crawler that blends classic role playing elements and turn-based combat strategy. 


Unformed is a Metroidvania set in a fantasy world inspired by Chinese folklore stories, with challenging combat mechanics.


Youyu is an educational platform devoted to teaching children programming and coding. Inspires children by using games and latest technology.


After months of preparation and sweat, INNOTEG is finally happy to announce that we are now an official Nintendo Developer, which means we have more room to stretch and combine our experience with game development, localization and publishing. Old fans can appreciate their favorite INNOTEG titles on a new platform and new fans now have the chance to discover what we're about. Not only will our games get a chance to see millions of players on Switch, but also we would be honored to help you to realize and release your masterpiece on Switch as well.


Unlike several consoles before it, Switch is opening its doors wide to established and indie developers alike and now's the time to strike while the iron is hot! We are offering game development services on every level and aspect to get you on Switch as fast as humanly possible. 


Combine our experience on game development and a grasp of Chinese market. Together, we can create a new path for game distribution. That is what we do and have been doing for a long time.


We thank you for your support, trust and for letting INNOTEG into your consoles and homes. After all, nothing's better than another new game, right?



We believe that all games deserve to be played, regardless of where they come from and INNOTEG is in a unique position to assist Indie Dev titles in Asia find a wider audience in the West through lingual assistance, marketing and promotions. The same goes for excellent titles in the US that would like to break into the Asian market. We provide a hub that services the needs of both Western and Eastern titles.


Through Cimu Games , we work to publish titles throughout China. Cimu Games has also helped bring Runestone Keeper on Tencent WeGame, Sonkwo and, most recently, on the iOS in the Chinese region. Currently we are working on releasing Runestone Keeper on Android, PS4 and Xbox One in China.




Our services are also involved in the education and computer literacy fields. We offer gamified coding course development for students of all ages. Working with Youyu, we create Scratch-based projects for Youyu’s coding training centers and are currently developing a new entertaining online code study system similar to CodeCombat. 

Nowadays, many claim to provide professional audio-production services, but at INNOTEG, we prefer the modest approach and strive keep ourselves humble. Those who value high-quality sound will love our work. Not only can we produce music/sound-effects, but we also possess the skills to make it “radio-ready”. Instead of forcing ourselves onto the client, we work with the client in a constructive and productive way to produce the desired results.

Whether its composing, engineering or recording audio sessions, we promise to do it right. After all, at INNOTEG, we’re not only independent musicians, but we’re also engineers!


We'd love to hear from you! 

For all inquiries, please contact us.

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2855 Mitchell Dr Ste 116, Walnut Creek, CA, 94598, USA

Tel: (415)688-9585



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