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INNOTEG is made of artists, developers and staff with years of experience in the gaming world. Our team of 10 has worked with 2K Games, Ubisoft, Nintendo Wii, 3Ds, GameCubes and with titles like TopSpin, Rayman, Splinter Cell and Bioshock 2.

In 2015 through Blackfire Games, we released our first and critically-acclaimed game, Runestone Keeper, winning awards for Best Gameplay nomination in Unity China 2014 and Editor’s Choice in the annual SlideDB ‘App of the Year’ nomination in 2015. Our latest projects include the minigame-masterpiece, Bay Party and the epic Asian 2D side-scroller, Unformed. We plan to release each of these titles on Switch upon completion in 2018.


Our speciality lies in the creative merger of Eastern and Western cultures and the drive to deliver quality and original content to both hemispheres. With a convenient foot in both America and China, numerous doors have also opened to enhance the world of education with gaming. Computer coding, science, English and math can benefit from the gaming-medium, as students from both countries turn to mobile devices and consoles for most of their entertainment. INNOTEG’s trajectory is toward the horizon of gaming and our creed is to give players the chance to create, learn and, ultimately, have fun.


Big things come in small packages and INNOTEG has quite the package. Our original titles will grab you. Our talented team will impress you. Our vision will inspire you. We’re dedicated to the proposition of pumping out exciting and unique games to make the world a better place. Stick with us and see just what we can do!

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