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Runestone Keeper Android Release

The time has come, Runestone Keeper finally available on every relevant mobile platform!

Android version of Runestone Keeper follows freemium business model — you get the base game for free, but you're limited only to the default hero, The Guy. So it's basically a demo. To get access to Svafa and Hogg and remove ads from the game you just have to get any of the IAPs, be it a hero or a Runeword, and that's it. If you haven't been aware Runestone Keeper has been available for iOS devices for 2 years now, so be sure to check it out too. We hope that this way we will be able to grow the Runestone Keeper community with help of people who were unsure about paying for the full game without seeing it first, which is only fair. Thinking back that's, probably, how we should've released the game in the first place, but better late than never, right?

What's next for Runestone Keeper?

Right now we're in discussions about whether or not should iOS version get the same treatment the Andoid one got, — as in should we make a freemium version of Runestone Keeper for iOS or not. There's also a PS4 version that's ready from the, well, coding perspective. We only have to acquire ratings from PEGI and ESRB now, which, undoubtedly, going to take time. We will keep you posted as soon as there's something to share.

-Blackfire Games

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