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See You on Switch!

Stop the presses! Call in sick! Write your mother! INNOTEG's got a brand new bag and it rhymes with Shmintendo's Shmitch. Give up? No time for word-play? Gotcha, here it is. We are proud to announce that INNOTEG is officially a developer on Nintendo's Switch. What's it mean, you ask? Not only can you play your favorite RPG dungeon-crawler, Runestone Keeper, on a new platform, but have the opportunity to explore all of our forthcoming creative content on this groundbreaking and renowned console.

Our current game configuration will utilize Switch's Joy-Con controls and docked/undocked format so you can play in either your parent's basement, the middle of rush-hour traffic or in the quiet of an apple orchard. Under the Switch umbrella, INNOTEG will be able to pump out quality games as quickly as hot-cakes and deliver them to a worldwide market of hungry users like never before. Keep your thumb-muscles stretched and eyes peeled for our new titles. Who would've thought we'd be rubbing elbows with the ol' plumber in the red hat one day? Maybe we did, but we couldn't have made it without you. Thank you for the love and support!

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