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After months of preparation and sweat, INNOTEG is finally happy to announce that we are now an official Nintendo Developer, which means we have more room to stretch and combine our experience with game development, localization and publishing. Old fans can appreciate their favorite INNOTEG titles on a new platform and new fans now have the chance to discover what we're about. Not only will our games get a chance to see millions of players on Switch, but also we would be honored to help you to realize and release your masterpiece on Switch as well.


Unlike several consoles before it, Switch is opening its doors wide to established and indie developers alike and now's the time to strike while the iron is hot! We are offering game development services on every level and aspect to get you on Switch as fast as humanly possible. 

We thank you for your support, trust and for letting INNOTEG into your consoles and homes. After all, nothing's better than another new game, right?

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